Curriculum vitae


Graduated in Applied Arts at the Massana School of Barcelona (Spain).

University degree in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona.

1981 – 82
Studied Art History at the Geography and History Faculty of the University of Barcelona.

Lecturer of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.

Studied a course on the “Experimental Techniques of Engraving” at the International Engraving School. Calella, Barcelona.

Studied in the Department of Art and Art Education of the New York University. (USA).

Doctorate Cum Laude from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.

Became an official lecturer of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona.

Taught courses at the Universities of Kensington and Chelsea in London (UK), at the Faculty of Fine Arts of La Laguna University, and at the Hochschule der Kunste in the University of Berlin (Germany).

Worked for a semester as a lecturer at the Hochschule der Kunste in the University of Berlin.

1997 – 2005
Taught, as a lecturer of the Faculty of Fine Arts, courses and seminars on Painting at the University of Central Ecuador in Quito, the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Asunción (Paraguay), the Royal University of Stockholm, the University of Joinville (Brazil), the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of La Laguna, the University of Syckholm, the Institutet för Materialkunskap in the Kungla Konsthógskolan (Sweden), and at the Accademia di Arti di Brera in Milan (Italy).


  • Girona Art Museum, Girona.
  • Modern Art Museum, Tarragona.
  • Collection “Testimoni” by La Caixa, Barcelona.
  • Collection “Cultural Rioja”, Logroño.
  • Pius Hospital Foundation Museum. Valls Regional Council, Tarragona.
  • Tharrats Foundation of Graphic Woks. Pineda de Mar, Barcelona.
  • Collection “Fundació Privada Carme i Lluis Bassat”, Barcelona.
  • Vilafranca del Penedès Museum. Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona.
  • Torroella de Montgrí City Council Heritage. Torroella de Montgrí, Girona.
  • Caixa d´Estalvis Laietana Collection. Mataró, Barcelona.
  • National Library of the Ministry of Culture, Madrid.
  • Alicante County Council Cultural Heritage, Alicante.
  • Pompeu Fabra Public Library. Mataró, Barcelona.
  • Museu Monjo. Vilassar de Mar. Barcelona.
  • Museo de Mataró. Ayuntamiento de Mataró, Barcelona
  • Museu Arxiu. Sant Andreu Llavaneras. Barcelona.
  • Haegmgang Theme Museum. Geoje. Republic of Corea.


Awarded 4th prize at the “X Concurs de Pintura” (Painting Competition). Caixa d´Estalvis Laietana. Mataró, Barcelona.

Awarded 3rd prize at the “Bienal del Vi” (Wine Biennial). Vilafranca del Penedès, Barcelona. The winning painting belongs to the City Museum.

Consolation Prize at the “XXXIX Concurs de Pintura Ciutat de Centelles” (Painting Competition of the City of Centelles). Barcelona.

Finalist of the “IV Bienal de Pintura de Manresa” (Painting Biennial of the City of Manresa). Barcelona.

Honourable mention at the First International Biennial of Laval, Canada.

“Premio de Pintura C.R. Laietana” (C.R. Laietana Painting Prize). Mataró, Barcelona.

Awarded the prize for creativity “Massana Soldevila”, from the gallery Dau al Set, Barcelona.

Acquisition prize at the “Tercera Muestra de Arte de Girona” (3rd Art Exhibit of Girona). Girona Art Museum (Spain).

Obtained the “Extraordinary Doctorate Award” from the University of Barcelona for her Doctoral Thesis on Le Corbusier’s paintings.

Acquisition prize at the “II Biennial of Art, Cultural Rioja” Logroño (Spain).

Obtained 2nd prize at the “I Certamen Sotogallo” (Painting Competition). Logroño.

Selected for the “3rd International Biennial of Obidos”, Portugal.

Painting grant awarded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Grant by the General Direction of Research (CIRIT) of the Government of Catalonia.

Acquisition prize at the “Convocatoria de Artes Plásticas 1997 de La Excma. Diputación de Alicante” (Painting Competition), Alicante (Spain).


Finalist “Premio de pintura Fundación Vila Casas. Museo Can Framis 2019”. Barcelona



Canals Gallery. Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona.

Eude Gallery. Barcelona

Exhibition Hall of the School-Atelier of Arts. Reus, Tarragona.

Exhibition Hall of the Mataró City Council, Barcelona.
Sala Capella Art Gallery. Valls, Tarragona.

Berruet Gallery, Logroño.

Miharaya Gallery. Tokyo, Japan.

Can Marc Gallery. Begur, Girona.

Exhibition Hall of the Board of Culture. “Figuracions”. Mataró, Barcelona.

U.K.S. Gallery. Unge Kunstneres Samfund. Oslo, Norway.

Can Marc Gallery. Begur, Girona.

Tarragona Art Museum, Tarragona.

Àmbit Art Gallery, Barcelona.

Àmbit Art Gallery, Barcelona.

Museu Monjo. Vilassar de Mar, Barcelona

Girona Art Museum. Girona

“Col·legi d’Aparelladors i Arquitectes Tècnics de Barcelona”. Mataró, Barcelona.


VACUUM. Centro de Arte “Ca l’Arenes”. Museo de Mataró. Barcelona.


“Miratges” Museum Sant Andres of Llavaneras. Barcelona.


“DNA. Marc Prat / Rosa Codina-Esteve”. PontArte. Maastricht, Netherlands.



  • From 1976 to 1983 she took part in the collective exhibitions of Sant Lluc in Mataró (Barcelona), presenting pictorial and sculpted works.


  • Collective exhibition Caixa d’Estalvis Laietana, Mataró.


  • Barcelona Institute of Art, Royal Art Circle, paintings and sculptures. Barcelona.


  • Baltà Palace Wine Biennial. Vilafranca del Penedès. Barcelona.
  • Joined the “Paris-Angouleme III, Art contemporain”. Angouleme (France).


  • Exhibition of contemporary arts “With Nicaragua”, organized by the Barcelona Local Authorities and the Nicaragua
  • Embassy at the chapel of the Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu. Barcelona. This painting currently belongs to the Contemporary Art Museum of Nicaragua.
  • Exhibition of graphic work at the International Engraving School in Arenys de Mar, Barcelona.
  • “Biennial of Barcelona. Young Contemporary Painting” at the Reials Drassanes, Barcelona.
  • Management and production coordination of a 100 square meter collective mural commissioned by the Santa Coloma de Gramanet City Council, Barcelona.


  • Exhibition of graphic work. Pau Gargallo Exhibition Hall. Applied Arts and Artistic Trades, Badalona.
  • Selected at the “XXIV Joan Miró International Drawing Awards” at the Miró Foundation, Barcelona.
  • “II meeting of artists in Cadaqués” (Homage to Picasso). Cadaqués, Girona.
  • “International Arts Council”. Galeria Matle. París.
  • Collective exhibition of graphic work. Archive Museum in Calella. Barcelona.
  • Expoarte. Seville.
  • Selected by the Miró Foundation for a travelling exhibition along the cities of Burlada, Estella, Sangüesa and Tafalla, in Navarra (Northern Spain).
  • Art Biennial: “XXV Tapiró Awards”. Tarragona Regional Council. Modern Art Museum. Tarragona.


  • Awarded 3rd prize in the “Máximo Ramos Awards of Engraving”. Bello Piñeiro City Museum, El Ferrol. Travelling exhibition along Santiago de Compostela and La Coruña (Northern Spain).
  • Collective exhibition in the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, from selected works on the “XXIV Joan Miró International Drawing Awards” (Joan Miró Foundation). Taiwan.
  • “V Catalan Arts Fair”, travelling exhibition all along Catalonia and Andorra.
  • “First International Biennal of Laval”. Canadá.
  • “Homage to Josep Pla”. Cadaqués. Casino Exhibition Hall, Girona.
  • Engraving collective exhibition. Le Main Gallery, Brussels.


  • “IV Painting Biennial of Manresa”, Barcelona. “III Girona Arts Fair”, Casa de Cultura, Girona.
  • Girona Art Museum purchased the painting “Cronologia” (Chronology), as well as seven poems and seven engravings.
  • “Portrait of Catalonia”. Cotlliure Castle, Roussillon, France.
  • Art Biennial “XXVI Tapiró Painting Awards”, Tarragona.
  • Collective exhibition at the Dau al Set Gallery, “Massana Soldevila”, Barcelona.


  • “Mini Print International”. Travelling exhibition all across France, Switzerland and Colombia.
  • Collective exhibition “Mataró Art 1888-1988 Dürnau” at the Minerva Gallery in Mataró, (Barcelona) and in Dürnau (Germany).
  • Direction and coordination, under the Pictorial Techniques and Procedures Lectureship of the Fine Arts Faculty (University of Barcelona), of a 200 square meter mural in Barcelona.


  • “Art London 1990”. Canals Gallery, London.
    Collective exhibition “Catalan Artists in London”. Canals Gallery. Sant Cugat, Barcelona.
  • “Art Jonction International”. International Arts Fair in cooperation with the Canals Gallery. Palais des Expositions. Nice, France.
  • “II Arts Biennial. Cultural Rioja”. Amós Salvador Gallery, Logroño.
  • Collective exhibition “International Fairs”. Canals Gallery. Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona.
  • Collective exhibition “Locus Gallery”, London.
  • Collective exhibition “Pius Hospital Foundation”. Valls, Tarragona.
  • Collective exhibition “Expoart Gallery”, Girona.


  • Invited to the “III International Biennial Obidos”. Obidos, Portugal.
  • Galería Can Marc. Begur, Gerona.
  • “Miharaya Gallery”. Tokyo.
  • Japan International Artist Society at the Central Museum, Japan.
  • Artist Contest Sotogallo, Logroño.
  • Selected for the “XXV International Contest of Painting and Sculpture”. Pollença, Majorca.


  • “Prints of the Fine Arts Faculty of Barcelona” at the Konsthögskolan Mejan Gallery of Stockholm.


  • Collective exhibition “Art Pallars”. Pallars Subirà, Lleida.
  • Collective exhibition “Mont-Art 93”. Board of Culture of the City of Montornés del Vallès, Barcelona.


  • Collective exhibition at the National Art Shangai Museum. Shangai, Republic of China.
  • Exposición colectiva “Petit Format”. Patronato de Cultura de Montornés del Vallés, Barcelona.


  • Collective “Mon´-Art´95”. Board of Culture of the City of Montornés del Vallès, Barcelona.


  • “Convocatoria de Artes Plásticas 1997. Diputación Provincial de Alicante” (Painting Competition), Alicante.


  • Collective exhibit “Modern Arts Museum of Tarragona”, Tarragona.


  • Performed the poster for the local festivity “Les Santes” commissioned by the Mataró City Council. Mataró, Barcelona.
  • Collective exhibit at the Àmbit Art Gallery, Barcelona.


  • Collective exhibit “Col·lecció Testimoni” by La Caixa, Seville.


  • Collective “Galeria Art Centre”. Mataró, Barcelona
  • “Pintura y ensayo F05”. Sala de Exposiciones del Rectorado. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.
  • Colectica. Galería 28. Mataró, Barcelona


  • Collective exhibit “Pintura Catalana segle XXI. Un repte, un resposta”. Caixa Laietana. Mataró, Barcelona


  • Collective exhibit in “Facultad de Bellas Artes de la Universidad de Barcelona”. digital art work, “Premio Vicenç Vives”. Barcelona.
  • 2012
    • “Saber-se nòmada del temps”. Instal-lació itinerant, àmbits públics: plaça de Trafalgar, plaça d’Antònia Boada, plaça de Josep Tarradellas i plaça de Font i Cussó, Badalona. 


    • “Cent Peus, cent passos”.  Slagelse, Dinamarca.


    • “Tempus Fugit”. Nau Gaudí. Consorci Museu d’Art Contemporani de Mataró. 
    • “Col.lecció imaginària I” dins la temporada  “Art a Mataró 1984-2016. Anys d’actituds i possibilitats”. Ca l’Arenas Centre d’Art. Museu de Mataró.


    • “Colección Bassat. Arte contemporáneo”. Lienzo Norte. Centro de Congresos y exposiciones. Ávila.
    • “Cent peus, cent passos”. Espai Betúlia, Ajuntament de Badalona. Barcelona.


    • “Dues col.leccions que dialoguen”. Ateneu de la Fundació Iluro. Mataró. Barcelona.


    • “Artistas de la Colección Bassat exponen en Nueva York”. Institut Cervantes de Nova York. Nova York.
    • “Colección Bassat de Arte Contemporáneo. Cataluña en el corazón de Castilla y León”. Cortes de Castilla y León, Valladolid.
    • “Colección Bassat de la Nau Gaudí en Fundación Cajasol”. Sevilla
    • Exhibition “Premio de pintura Fundación Vila Casas 2019”. Museo Can Framis. Barcelona.


    • “Colección Bassat de la Nau Gaudí  de Mataró en Fundación Cajasol”.  Exhibitions: Huelva, Córdoba and Cádiz. 
    • “Retorn al vidre” Galery:  La Destil.leria, Espai Cultural. Mataró, Barcelona.
    • “Peace again” Exposició Col.lectiva. Haegemgang Theme Museum. Geoje. República de Corea del sud.
    • “Art contemporani  espanyol del segle XXI”.  Exposició itinerant. Institut Cervantes de Varsòvia  i a Cracòvia. Polònia.  
        • “Dones. Fonts d’Art de la Fundació Iruro”. Fundació Iluro, Mataró, Barcelona
        • 2021
        • “Col.lecció Bassat. Obres del segle XXI (1)”. Nau Gaudí. Mataró, Barcelona


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  • Cronologia. Galeria Canals. Sant Cugat del Vallés, Barcelona.1987.
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